Williams Family Daycare

My name is Kiesia Williams. I am the Director of Williams family Daycare. I have worked in Education for 18 years. Williams Family Daycare believes that the best environment for children to develop is one that nurtures the child, an environment where the child feels loved. Once the child feels loved he/she will learn optimally. Through games, songs, and art activities children will learn and develop. Also, Williams Family Daycare feels strongly that through mathematics the educator can develop the child’s cognitive abilities. Based on this premonition Williams Family Daycare developed a math program that aims to further develop the child’s cognitive abilities. Furthermore, the more you give that child the more he/she will know. 

Our daily programming has been designed to challenge and stimulate each child’s level of development. We provide structured and consistent routines that offer a sense of security and a sense of self-worth. We aim to enhance the child’s cognitive, social-emotional and physical development.

A big part of our program is music math, drama, language, science, technology, physical activity, and art. Responding to music comes naturally to all young children. Toddlers enjoy music that helps facilitate movement, communication, and socialization.